Monday, November 06, 2006

Off to The Future

We got our site assignment on Friday and found out that we’ll be living in the future or El Porvenir as it’s called here. El Porvenir is located 30 kilometers north of Olmos in the department of Lambayeque , near the border of Piura. It is a tiny farming community – only 420 people, 60 families. It’ll be hot and rainy during the summer (January, February and March) and mild the rest of the year (we hope). Here’s a little bit more about our site:

1. 2 hours north of Chiclayo, the department capital, along the old Panamerican highway.
2. The region grows limes, mangos, passion fruit, paprika peppers. YAY!
3. They raise cows, goats and sheep and some horses (that means we’ll have fresh milk and cheese!!!! Yipeeeeeee!
4. No electricity! A well for water! A latrine! No cell phone signal! One community phone in the town! *sniff*
5. Some of the 420 people are weavers and they make saddle bags, hammocks, bed spreads and rugs. ¡Triple YAY!
6. Lambayeque has impressive archeological sites –
Sipán, Sicán, Túcume.
7. Our assignment is described as: Protection and Sustainable Management of the forest (Algarrobo trees).
8. Dan will be working with an Association of beekeepers. Cynthia will be working with a health post.
9. We suspect we will be doing a lot of gardening. ¡Qué suerte!

Tonight we depart for our site visit. We’ll be in Chiclayo until Wednesday and then off to our site to meet our host family and the rest of the community. When we return on Sunday we hope to provide more information. Until then…..


Blogger Hannah & David said...

When you're able to load photos, we'd love to see pictures of El Porvenir, the archaeological sites, the woven goods, and last but not least, Dan in a beekeeping suit... ;)

Safe travels--I look forward to hearing about your host family.


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cyndy and Dan,
Wow! This website is great. I am so impressed with your adventures. Your host family sounds great. The food sounds wonderful...cheese and avacadoes. Yummy!! I know how much you guys love avacadoes. The training sounds very demanding. I love the story about you passing out vaccination cards. I am so proud of both of you! I respect you so much for helping people on a grass roots level. Keep on doing the wonderful things you are doing in the Peace Corps! This is greatest adventure of your life. I respect for taking the road less traveled. I love you and miss you both very much! Stay healthy and safe. I send you lots of love, hugs, and kisses from Harlem, NY.
Peace out!
Stacey Sofka

8:40 AM  

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