Saturday, January 06, 2007

Scenes from campo life

Amazing stand of cactus and the amazing Victor or "El Maestro" as he's locally called

Local method of travel to locations lacking mobility. Don't worry, Mom! That's not our method.

Me and my friends at the school holiday Chocolatada

Free range sheep and the Old Panamerican Highway

Free range rooster and turkey

Ba Ba black sheep - ain't he cute!

Documenting illegal logging of Algarrobo trees. This beautiful hardwood is burned to make charcoal for cooking!!!???

More illegal logging

View from the front yard during the late afternoon futbol game

A nearly finished Cocina Mejorada or Improved cookstove - uses very little wood fuel to cook meals - should help cut down on the demand for charcoal and therefore illegal logging.

Some of our adorable teenage friends

Cutting canes for the honey harvest house

Low tech construction of honey harvest house

Beekeeping, step 1: Suit up

Beekeeping, step 2: piss off bees

Beekeeping, step 3: Rip them out of the box

Beekeeping, step 4: Eat their hard work! Yummmmmmmmmmmm......


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