Monday, May 14, 2007

Sodis: part 2

Go back to the previous blog entry to get the details on this water purification method. But here are some pictures of us doing it.

Dan scrubbing bottles - his favorite morning activity after hauling water from the pileta with the help of the donkey. Behind him is the stove that our family uses to cook all their meals. They use charcoal from the native Algarrobo trees. The smoke just floats freely in the kitchen. Fortunately the kitchen is semi-open air.

Dan filling bottles from the big barrel of water in the kitchen. There's a lid for the barrel, but the family is still not clear that it should be on the barrel and not leaning up against it. The two red baskets in the background are for storing vegetables. I encouraged this purchase since before the veggies were stored on a tray or in a cardboard box where flies were free to hang out.

Dan putting bottles up on the roof of the kitchen to disinfect the water. The kitchen is made out of sticks and mud. It looks like a corral...especially when the chickens and turkeys are hanging out in it.

This is Flor. She's the mom of the family we live with. She's the coolest person in the house. She loves her sodis!


Blogger dlcurren said...

I read lots of the PC blogs and most do not describe what the PCV is doing. Yours is an exception and I like that. I read recently that bees are dying in huge numbers worldwide. Do you see that in your country?

How did the honey-harvest house turn out?

6:07 AM  

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