Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sites and Attractions of Northern Peru!

This is the first of a set of travelogue sorts of entries I plan to write in the next few months. We have recently noted that people don’t have much to picture for Peru besides Machu Pichu. The lost city has recently been declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, which it eminently deserves. But if Lonely Planet can truthfully say that many people come to Peru, and even to South America, with no other plan than to see one site, the rest of the country and continent need a little publicity. So I am taking on the job of amateur tourism promoter for the northern end of Peru, giving my best impressions of the good and the bad of whatever I have seen or picked up good info on. If this inspires anyone to come to visit us that would be fantastic….

And of course, we are carrying out our job of helping folks from our country get to know and understand Peru.

I am starting out close to home, but with the site I find most in need of tourism infrastructure development. Think of this as an insiders guide to get past the not so great stuff and straight to the goodies of the city we spend a fair amount of time in, the largest city in our home department of Lambayeque….


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